Summertime Sadness

It was a summer project commissioned artwork. It was supposed to be something else. Just the writing on brick background and lightened on the back. More than 30 hours of work I’ve tried to make the perfect “really” bricks. But when I don’t feel the painting … I don’t feel it. Full of disappointment of myself I was one inch to throw away the painting. In the end I just left it on a corner of the balcony. Till one day when I’ve almost stepped on it. And I’ve felt it. The summertime sadness wasn’t supposed to be sad.  It’s a happy painting that feels actually the summertime flowers. And like in a blink of an eye … here it is. My own summertime sadness that now is available for sale.

Dimension: L=100 cm, l= 50 cm. Acrylic paint and dried flowers covered with a protective coat.

_dsc0022-copy _dsc0004-copy  _dsc0007-copy  _dsc0008-copy  _dsc0009-copy  _dsc0014-copy  _dsc0016-copy  _dsc0017-copy  _dsc0020-copy   _dsc0025-copy


A brilliant mind

More than a year ago, somebody asked me for this commissioned artwork. It’s a profile drawing of the person who got this present, with his personality of a brilliant meticulous mind. Somebody analytic, who likes to plan and organize, someone who’s mind is always working on the clock. And here it is. A lot of clock mechanisms around his mind. A colorful background of a beautiful mind and all the connections of a wonderful soul.

_dsc0016-copy  _dsc0006-copy    _dsc0011-copy _dsc0021-copy_dsc0014-copy  _dsc0020-copy _dsc0026-copy _dsc0037-copy _dsc0044-copy


The poker face

Did ever happen to you to see an imagine and then to remind it after centuries like the image was meant for you? Like if you were that image and it represented the whole universe? If not, it happened to me. This picture … didn’t remember if it was a dream or really see it or where or who did it … but in the end I had to take it off my mind … this came out … the poker faces. Acrylic painting on paper.


The innocent love

A hand painted t’shirt done a couple of months ago. I’ve did it after a picture done by someone absolutely crazy for babies. His hand and the small hand of just new born best friend’s baby. The blue lines are converted into infinite symbols that keep between them the name initials of the baby.  The power of innocent love.

_dsc0034-copy _dsc0041-copy

Winter is coming

For a Game of Thrones fan,what to be more appropriate than a personal hand painted t’shirt with winter is coming?  You can wash it in the washing machine at max 40 degree delicate circle or by hand. Iron medium inside out.

winter-1 winter-2

The Universe box

Everything happens with a reason in it’s own time. Like this box that I’ve made a couple of years  ago and completely forgotten. Till today. The universe box. To keep inside all the stars and planets and galaxies of the soul. To open and catch the energy of life. Hand painted wooden box.

univers-1 univers-2 univers-3

The Skull

To be a skull … but not dramatic. Not classic. To be special and different. I loved this project. A commissioned work requested as a gift from a woman for her husband. The passion for giving him something to love inspired me for this hand painted t’shirt.


Movie Box

Another kind of Box Office. For a dearest friend for whom the passion for movies is part of her reality of playing in them. It was a gift for her to have that special unique thing like her. Hand painted wooden box with clock mechanism and old camera films.



At beginning of September Liev was baptized. Because he is one of a kind, I’ve made for him – at his godmother request – this unique treasure box to keep over the years the memories of this special moment.

Hand painted and decorated wood box.

_DSC0027 copy _DSC0005 copy _DSC0007 (2) copy_DSC0011 copy _DSC0016 copy _DSC0014 copy    _DSC0017 copy  _DSC0019 copy _DSC0026 copy_DSC0028 copy

The Blooming Tree

Everything happens for a reason, no? Even the fact that I did this painting a few months ago and I find it more beautiful now. It’s like human. With dark side and bright side. With roots and flowers. With ups and downs. But is a tree. What do we are? Acrylic painting on canvas. Mix media composition. Size 60 x 80 cm.

IMG_6872 copy IMG_6875 copy IMG_6876 copy IMG_6877 copy IMG_6880 copy IMG_6885 copy IMG_6886 copy